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Mommy A La Carte is an exclusive coaching and concierge experience for working moms who are committed to succeeding in their personal and professional endeavors. We create everything “Luxe” and want you to join in on the FUN! Our number one priority is to cater to the needs of modern moms just like you! We provide opportunities for personal fulfillment and lifestyle solutions that are designed to enhance your quality of life and prioritize your happiness. Our coaching programs, concierge services, signature events and membership are first class experiences that will position you to have a successful career, pursue your wildest dreams and most importantly show up as an AMAZING Mom!

“It’s time to REDEFINE the “status quo” for working moms! We want to help working moms dismiss limitations and challenge societal norms!”
– Tamika Smith, CEO

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Our unique services are designed to cater to your needs a modern working mom! Each experience is curated to your specific lifestyle and is guaranteed to leave you fulfilled, empowered, and equipped to thrive in your personal and profession life!

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Did You Know… 

million is the number of mothers with children under 18 in the labor force


of working mothers are employed full time (representing 34.2% of working moms)


of working moms exit the workforce (or off-ramp) for a period of time to prioritize motherhood


of first time moms leave their careers after 1-2 years

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We are your #1 resource for ALL things working MOM! From personal fulfillment to exclusive resources. We are here to cater to your needs.

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