Academic Concierge

“An Investment in Knowledge Pays the Best Interest” ~ Ben Franklin

Do you want your child to be on the right track this school year? Are you stressed trying to figure out the best way to educate your child in this “NEW NORMAL”?

Go from OVERWHELMED & FRUSTRATED to RELIEVED & CONFIDENT about your child’s education? Leave the guess work and stress to us! We are ready to cater to your mommy needs!

What We Do

We equip you with the resources, tools, and guidance you need to put your child on the path to academic success. With Mommy A La Carte, academic success is attainable and realistic.  We equip you with the resources, tools, and guidance you need to put your child on the path to academic success. With Mommy A La Carte, academic success is attainable and realistic.   

STOP overwhelming yourself with information on the internet and depending on GOOGLE for the perfect solution for the upcoming school year! 

Let our team of credentialed educators guide you through the process and give you the confidence you need to support your child.

Our TOP priority is the SAFETY and academic well-being of your child!

Our Approach to Academic Success

 Benefits of working with our

Academic Concierge

  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Complete guidance and support
  • An Advocate for your child’s Academic Success
  • Access to a broad knowledge of resources
  • A comprehensive plan to help you help your child succeed
  • Peace of mind knowing your child is on the path to Academic Success

Why Mommy A La Carte

Our team of experts include over 20 years of education experience.  From school administrators, teachers, and mental health professionals, we have the knowledge and experience to put your child on the path to academic success. 

My son has been receiving educational coaching for the last two years. His ability to focus and manage his time has had a tremendous impact on his confidence and his overall academic success. I love the personalized success plan the authentic relationship between my son and his coach.

A. Lance

Tamika’s ability to connect with me and understand my vision for my family has been a lifesaver. I reached out to Mommy A La Carte to inquire about tutoring and realized that my needs were totally different. We came up with a short term plan and now both of my children are on the right path.

T. Jones

I was literally falling apart at the seams trying to balance my job and advocate for my child’s educational needs. I was frustrated and feeling hopeless when my colleague recommended Mommy A La Carte. I was reluctant to move forward with parent coaching simply because I was not aware of the purpose of benefit. After my first session with Tamika, I simply felt like a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders. I am so much more self-aware and confident and it has had a huge impact on how I engage my daughter and her education.

M. Devereux

My son was transitioned to home school for a major injury in the beginning of last school year. Although the school provided in home support, it simply was not meeting his needs. I reached out to Mommy A La Carte to get advice and find resources that would nurture my son’s learning style. Not only did I receive a comprehensive plan, I received a list of vetted service providers and most importantly my son received an educator/mentor that was truly invested in his education.

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Meet the Academic Success Team

Tamika Smith

Tamika Smith

Founder Mommy A La Carte/ Educator
16 years experience

Dr. Rotunda Cooper

Dr. Rotunda Cooper

Director of Learning Achievement and Administration- 24 years experience

Julie Stevens

Julie Stevens

17 years experience

Kaycie Lomax

Kaycie Lomax

Assistant Principal of Academic Affairs
16 years experience

Dr. Alonda Alloway

Dr. Alonda Alloway

School Social Worker
18 years experience

Dr. Ameeerah Bello

Dr. Ameeerah Bello

College Access Educator
17 years experience

Power Hour- 1:1 Parent Coaching

Are you completely overwhelmed with navigating this new normal?  Are you totally consumed with how you will manage you career, teach your child and still be Mommy! Let’s spend some time together to take deep dive to determine your main priorities and create a tangible action plan that you can implement immediately.


Academic Success Planning

Let our team of experts support you and your family in creating a comprehensive plan that will support your child’s academic, social, and emotional needs. We will assess your child’s needs, identify and vet resources and create a plan that will yield academic success. You will receive a 60 minute assessment/consultation, a customized Academic Success Plan and a 30 Day follow up progress evaluation.


Academic Success Bundle

The Academic Success Management program is perfect for the busy mom who needs continuous support throughout the school year.  In addition to assessing your needs, identifying and vetting your resources and creating a plan, we will also monitor and manage the progress of your academic success team. We will also manage any turnover and identify additional resources as needed.  Our team of experts will review progress reports, have monthly check-ins, connect with teachers and provide you with a status report of your child’s academic progress. The program also includes monthly coaching (for mom) and exclusive discounts on other resources and services. 

INVESTMENT– Price Varies