Welcome Back Mom Friends! It’s officially that time of year again…Back To School! For many of us, this is a season of mixed emotions and mixed agendas. We are tired from the summer travel, we are relieved of coordinating summer camp schedules and we are tired of looking for googles!! Its “back to” the grind and “back to” some type of normalcy (whatever that means). Now… we are stressing over ensuring that our little ones are adequately prepared for the upcoming school year while also ensuring that we are capturing every milestone (one photo at a time)! From school supplies, new devices and of course the infamous “first day of school outfit”, we are overwhelming ourselves to make sure we are still in the running for Mommy of the Year!

While every parent (myself included) thrives off of giving our children everything we have (and then some), it is without fail that once we have given it our best… we still rest in some type of guilt, regret and or inadequacy. For most, our BEST is NEVER enough. Even if we get the best first day of school pic or if we win the vote of PTA President, we are often still looking for more. Why is that? Why is our best never enough?
These become questions that we must unpack and OWN! We need to understand our motives and recognize how we project our desires, insecurities, and frustrations onto our children. Subconsciously we look to our children’s accomplishments and milestones to fulfill our own personal voids. We sometimes (unintentionally) place unnecessary pressure on our kids in efforts of finding fulfillment. The problem with this is that the fulfillment becomes temporary and doesn’t ultimately fill the void that we are seeking.
Sooooo…what is a Mom to do?

Glad you asked☺

My solution to the “Back to School” saga is to reverse your thinking and position yourself for returning “Back to Mom”! It is now time for us to put just as much energy into setting ourselves up for success as we put into preparing our children for success. It is time for us to RESET our own “personal” agendas and set some new goals. We should REFRESH our own wardrobes and invest in some new books (personal development) and notebooks (aka journals). We should create a new syllabus that will outline our plan for success along with benchmarks that will measure our progress. Lastly, we should RE-EVALUATE our social circles and ensure that we are surrounding ourselves with “Mom Friends” that are helping us to win in life and in motherhood.
In my opinion, Back to School season should really be a holiday for Moms! And…as you may have guessed, this holiday should be called “Back to MOM”! We need to take that opportunity to not only celebrate making it through the summer but more importantly…take this opportunity to RESET, REFRESH and RE-EVALUATE! So Ladies, please join me in celebrating “Back to MOM” season…I see you, I celebrate you, and I appreciate you☺