Being a Mommie can sometimes feel very isolating, especially when the kids are very young. Your schedule as a new Mommie includes cleaning, feeding, and putting the kiddos to bed. Somewhere in there, you may find time for yourself, but that time may only allow for a quick snack, a shower and maybe…MAYBE a nap! As your children get older, you find yourself still adjusting to the many stages of parenthood. And let’s be honest, how our parents parent is different than how we parent our children. It’s incredibly important to have a great group of women and Mommies who understand the plight of motherhood. Why, because they get it! They get that you may be slow to responding to text messages or that for the last three weekends you’ve bailed out on “girl’s night”. But guess what, they aren’t judging you! Instead, they bring their kids over to YOU, and you all share a bottle a wine while the kids play. They remind you that you need to get out the house and therefore accompany you to the hair salon just to keep you company. They support you good, bad, and ugly! They keep you on your toes! Remind you that you are doing the dang thing when you feel like the walls are caving in.

As Mommies, there’s just this underlying level of understanding and compassion we have for each other. Once we find a Mommie we connect with, no conversation is farfetched. It’s seeing a Mommie in Target and before you know it, you’re talking about breast pumps and nipple creams. That’s a TRIBE! It’s finding a group of Mommies on IG and finding yourself at one of their events laughing ‘til your stomach hurts. That’s a TRIBE. It’s knowing which Mommie can provide the best advice on potty training, school districts, eczema remedies, saving a coin on uniforms, babysitting services, and how to “get yo groove back” once the kids go to sleep! THAT’S A TRIBE!

We sometimes forget that we can learn so much from, and be inspired by, those around us. It’s very easy to get stuck and lost in the daily role of parenting and neglect the importance of surrounding ourselves with other Mommies. Being a Mommie naturally makes you a part of a divine group of ladies who are bending, learning, stretching, and growing every day! Sometimes your Mommie Tribe consists of women and Mommies that you’ve never even met! In today’s social and digital age, it’s so easy to connect and communicate with people all over the world who share similar interests and are open to sharing their own journey as Mommies.  Get connected and be open! Having a core group of ladies in your corner, in your town, or in your DMs, makes a world of a difference. Get you a TRIBE!

Guest post by Dinai Yelverton
Owner & Lead Event Planner
unDINAIable Events