Hey Ladies!

Let’s first start with a HUGE THANK YOU to you- our audience of awesome, amazing, resilient, ambitious, goal-oriented and resilient Mothers! Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post! Thank you for making the sacrifice to take time out of your extremely busy schedule to consider being apart of a movement that I PROMISE you will not disappoint!!!! Soooooo…again…we say Thank YOU and WELCOME to the Mommy A La Carte Community.

This blog is designed with you (yes YOU) in mind. This is a judgment-free zone where we will explore some of the most-taboo topics around motherhood, career advancement, gender diversity and creating a life that you LOVE!! Together we will establish strategies, solutions and lifestyle hacks that will help navigate this thing called life all while planning meals, scheduling pre-natal appointments, proving our value in the workplace, serving on the PTA and perhaps fitting in an occasional cocktail with the Hubbs!

If you are thinking about starting a family, currently on maternity leave, preparing to return to work, raising a school-aged child, navigating the teen years or on the brink of being an empty nester…this is the place for you. We believe that every working mother should be able to have a fulfilling career, a balanced life, and have a manageable motherhood experience. In essence, your journey through motherhood should be nothing less than FABULOUS (if you are willing to put in the work).

If you are anything like me, you are probably thinking this sounds good in theory but HOW does this manifest in REALITY? HOW do I manage my career and motherhood? HOW do I bring purpose to my personal life when I am overwhelmed? HOW do I make memories with my family and friends when I am always attached to a calendar and a task list? If any of this resonates with you, I promise that you are in the right place.
The mission of Mommy A La Carte (MALC) is to create a synergy between motherhood, work, life and self-awareness. We are committed to offering tips, resources, expert advice, events and so much more to ensure that working mamas everywhere have a safe place to engage and embrace their inner Super Power!

If anything mentioned resonates with you, you are formally invited to join us on the journey. Become a part of the community but sharing your email, be sure to follow up on Instagram and feel free to send us an email with any thoughts questions or ideas that you would like to explore. So, what do you say? Let’s start redefining the social norms of motherhood. Let’s start redefining gender equity in the workplace or simply what it means to be a working mom! Simply put…..Let’s start redefining YOU!!

Until Next Time,