FAITH…… the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen! From very early in my
childhood I have always made a concerted effort to walk in “Faith”. I have always believed that if you
“do the right things” and if you were a good person that everything would eventually work out. I must
admit, for the most part, this way of thinking has led me down the path of what I deem to be a relatively
decent lifestyle.

As cliché as this may sound, I will confess that the process of walking in faith is often-times “less than”
comfortable. The process that I am referencing is that of every imaginable aspect of life. From parenting, relationships, careers, health, finances, and everything in between….there is always a process
we must endure. Be it good, bad, or indifferent the process is inevitable! For the better part of my adult life, I have subscribed to living life on a plan. Specifically, I lived my life according to five-year increments. Each five-year increment had a specific checklist with very specific goals and outcomes. While this may seem good to some, it did not take long for me to learn that my plan was not necessarily my own. In most instances, my “plan” was slightly derailed by “life”. I soon began to realize that my process would often look a lot different than I intended but yet somehow, I was able to meet my ultimate goal or outcome. Although I can say that goals have been reached, I have to admit that the road to reaching them left me confused, uncertain, deflated, and even doubtful. Yes, with all of my “faith” I must admit that some situations challenged not only my faith but also actions. It was these very moments that taught me the true value of Trusting the Process! Consequently, I no longer subscribe (solely) to a plan as much as I subscribe to adjusting my mindset to simply trust the process!

As you embark upon your journey of “Life”, I challenge you to simply trust the process. No matter
where you are in your journey, I encourage you to take with you to be intentional, present, and…..of
course trust the process. As busy moms, we often consume ourselves in planning and executing (what
we think) is a perfect life but are never able to fully experience the fruits of our labor. I would argue
that the reason we don’t get the full experience is that we become so caught up in our “own” plan
that we can appreciate the organic process.

From one mom to another….I ask that the next time your plan doesn’t manifest the way you originally
intended, that you take a step back and appreciate the detour and trust that the new route is what is
truly intended for your life!

Remember You are Amazing,