Happy New Year!

Well, here we are…..2019! What will this year look like for you? What goals have you set? What resolutions have you made? What are your intentions? Before you think to hard about those questions, I ask that you pause for a moment and consider how many resolutions have you made that have never been manifested and WHY? As crazy as it may sound, I would encourage you to dismiss the notion of resolutions and replace with the idea of “Intent”! I further extend to you to the option of making intentional decisions in lieu of unintentional commitments/resolutions.

As I pondered in reflection, preparation, and purpose for 2019……the universe confirmed that this will be the year of INTENT! The year of INTENT for women. Women who are mothers, wives, sisters, friends, aunties, caretakers, and sooooo much MORE! Specifically, our community of working moms will position themselves to make intentional decisions that will yield balance, professional growth, and meaningful life experiences.

As I thought more about how intent impacts the lives of working mothers, it became very apparent to me that “intentional living” is something that a lot of working mothers struggle with. From CEO’s to Engineers, working moms are challenged by being intentional in ALL walks of their lives. Often times intent becomes second fiddle to time, circumstance, and even status.

So, as we began to embark on the journey of a new year, ask yourself……how do you intentionally become more self-aware, how do you intentionally become more present (not only for your family but…) for yourself, how you we intentionally craft balance between work, family, and life? Before spending your time grueling over the perfect resolution and or vision, spend some time thinking
 about your intentions for the year and how they impact your life.

Remember You are Awesome,